Monday, August 18, 2014

He is Good!

Welcome back Narnia!
I miss my blog apuu. thats right.

Let's do some updates of Narnia.
After my internship last year on June I took off one month so called-cuti panjang (long break). Then after that started my new life with Early Steps Care Centre (ESCC), an Early Intervention centre. I came in as a temporary teacher but then slowly Daddy showed me and open doors for me to remain as a permanent teacher until now.

My friends who journeying together with me in this ministry

Hows my job looks like-challenging yes! but I am thankful that each day we survive with His guidance. Thanks Daddy!  Everyday is a learning process for me personally. I remember my mentor upgrade ourselves we must have a teachable and humble heart. Agreed!

Back to my ESCC stories, I learn a lot. I learn to appreciate things, I learn to be joyful and be thankful even in small achievement.

 Yes this is really true. Journeying with children with special needs opening my eyes to see every little progress of our children. From throwing things during the first day of class and after 4 months he is able to keep things! Praise the Lord. Many more testimony. And today was the best moment of my life.

She walks with one hand held but today she walks independently!
One of our children who diagnosed as cerebral palsy suddenly walk in the class by herself! I was doing my one to one teaching and I was so amazed and almost want to cry..but yeah I have to finish my session first haha. And the child that I am currently teaching was unable to do colouring..and today he holds the colour pencil and colour half of the paper I gave him. Big thanks to God.

Behind all these good news that is only one reason-God's hand is upon each of our children!
Rejoice.Pray.Give Thanks

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